Beautiful designs for your business. Easier than ever.

Our intuitive platform makes the management of your designs super easy.

Our team of graphic designers are ready to customize your designs exactly how you want.

Simply plug in a Fire Stick to your TV, and you're ready to go.

What is Digital Display Factory?

We are a digital signage company with a singular mission to make digital signage as easy and affordable as possible. Businesses have enough to worry about, and a digital signage solution that doesn't acknowledge this will always be lacking.

We believe an integral part of the product should be the creation of the designs in addition to the platform. Thus, at Digital Display Factory, our product is three-fold: the personalized digital designs, the application platform, and the customized hardware to display your designs.

Why Digital Display Factory?

Pre-Configured hardware

As part of the total product, we offer a customized Fire TV Stick 4K pre-configured with the required settings and applications to turn your TV into professional digital signage. You simply need to connect it to the TV and open the Digital Display Factory Fire TV app and your designs are ready to be displayed.

Personalized design team

Our graphic designers are ready to impress you. You tell us what you want and our professional team will make it come to life. Your small business can have more attractive digital signage than anyone else today.

Completely hands off

Our support engineers can manage uploading and maintaining your designs fully remotely. Digital signage shouldn't be another headache job for you to deal with. We got it covered.

Save your money

Digital signage shouldn't cost an arm and leg. With our flexible monthly pricing model you could be spending just $10 a month per screen.

Lightning fast changes

If you need to change a price, or change wording, or add/remove something from your menu, we can do those changes for you in the same day. No longer will you be sitting around with out-of-date signage.